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Our site is under development will have to change the structure and design of our website and we hope that it will be more convenient to use in consideration of the wishes of our customers, as well as using the latest technology to create web sites, our site is constantly updated and supplemented by news materials, and other relevant information.

Who we are

The company Niko & Nice was founded in 1994. From the first day of its foundation the company had the following goal – to supply Armenian market with high quality and beautiful furniture, imported from the countries traditionally considered to be the trendsetters in the world of furniture.
Presently the basic activity lines of the company are:

In the course of the company’s formation we showed ourselves as the best supplier for the whole Armenian region. We are furnishing the finest houses and apartments. According to our concept FURNITURE is not a mere comfortable furnishing of your house but it’s one of the Art trends. Our showrooms are visited not only by buyers but also by those people who are enthusiastic to admire and to get pleasure from the contemplation of the magnificence. With us you can make a reality of the most daring dream associated with the interior design of your house. We have all the most excellent of what could offer the remarkable European furniture manufacturers. Irreproachable taste, impeccable handwork and the spirit taken up into the furniture by the greatest masters of the Old World – these are the 3 components of our success. However we do not restrict ourselves with the present achievements. Our nearest goal is to increase the volume of imported goods. Currently we are working over the construction of our fifth furniture showroom.
Niko & Nice – furniture for your heart

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Armenia,Yerevan Nikoghayos Tigranyan St., Building 16 (head office)