Innovative Gola kitchen furniture, featuring cutting-edge Italian profiles, offers a stylish and practical solution for those who appreciate contemporary minimalism in kitchen design. It doesn’t just add a touch of elegance but also brings improved functionality to your kitchen space. The standout feature of this furniture is the replacement of conventional handles with unique designer Gola profiles. This not only gives your kitchen a modern and chic look but also simplifies the access and management of drawers and cabinets. The Gola profiles are discreetly integrated, providing your kitchen with a sleek and minimalist design. They not only enhance the aesthetics but also ensure user convenience.

Customers have the flexibility to select
• Colors
• Dimensions
• Mechanisms
• Materials
• Accessories

Made in Italy
This enables the creation of kitchen furniture that perfectly suits your space and style.




Free delivery throughout the Republic of Armenia

Free delivery is carried out throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The buyer will be notified of the delivery in advance. The day and time of delivery will be agreed with the buyer․ Safe and secure delivery is the main condition for NIKO Group.

Free delivery Free delivery is carried out throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia
Certified quality Certified high quality furniture of the best European and American furniture brands in Armenia