A TV wall stand is key in a modern and functional living room. Luce Dark offers a versatile and refined composition featuring three furniture elements: two side display cases and a central TV stand cabinet, united by the same materials, champagne-colored geometric feet and a consistent and harmonious color palette.

Here, too, we find the alternation of light and dark that is common across entire Dark collection. The display cases are finished on the outer side and top with the dark veins of Portoro Gold marble effect. A finish taken from the TV cabinet top.

Brightness, instead, is provided by LEDs included directly into the structure of the display case elements and the light color of the Zebrano-effect wood finish, which covers both the inner sides of the two single door display cases and the drawer front of the TV cabinet. The latter also boasts a glass door, creating a stylistic reference with the two side display cases.

This sophisticated TV corner reaches up to 279 cm, ensuring maximum functionality. The shelves of the display cases can host precious objects and knick-knacks to keep on display, while anything you want to hide from view can be placed in the large drawer.


Dimensions Width Depth Height
1 Door Cabinet 59 cm 49 cm 207 cm
TV Cabinet 161  cm 50 cm 67 cm
TV Set Composition 279 cm 50  cm 207 cm



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Free delivery Free delivery is carried out throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia
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