Some furniture elements are created to add an extra touch to already harmonious, elegant and stylistically well-defined rooms. This is the case with the Luce Light bench.

With its undeniable elegance, the bench enhances the bedroom, confirms its contemporary and gritty character, and acts as a “wild card”. This versatile piece of furniture can be placed anywhere in the room, taking on a different role from time to time.

At the foot of the bed it serves as a stylistic add on and base for clothes, books or other items; however, it can also be used as a seat for the makeup station or placed under the window to create a chic and romantic corner.

Colors, materials, and design are in full continuity with, but not limited to, the other furniture elements in the sleeping area. The crossed legs of the bases match those of side tables: an aesthetic thread that runs across all the rooms in the home. A detail that certainly does not go unnoticed.


140 cm x 45 cm x 44 cm

Dimensions 140 × 45 × 44 cm



Free delivery throughout the Republic of Armenia

Free delivery is carried out throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The buyer will be notified of the delivery in advance. The day and time of delivery will be agreed with the buyer․ Safe and secure delivery is the main condition for NIKO Group.

Free delivery Free delivery is carried out throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia
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